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Monday, January 30

For no good reason

It is more often than not we have an opportunity to be generous to others. I recently had the privilege to surprise a young high school student. It all came to my attention with an early morning phone call from the decorator and caterer of the dance. She asked me if I would be willing to do a girls hair, makeup and nails-who had planned to just get herself ready. I said, absolutely. I did it all at no cost.

Her mom was a bit weary at first when she heard about my offer. She was absolute about meeting me first. She couldn't believe a person would do what I had proposed, with no catch. I will post her after picture when I get one! This random experience reminded me of why I got my cosmetology license in the first place.

I am aware that I posses skills which I tend to take for granted. I know what it feels like to have other people be generous to me. I pledge to keep myself aware of needs around me and have an action to meet those needs!

This is beauty...sincere generosity.