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Friday, May 28

A New Spin on the Vintage Manicure!

Zelana Montminy
TV Host. Producer. Writer. Doctoral Candidate. Beauty, Lifestyle & Wellness expert
wearing in above photo:
Suzi Skis In Pyrenees
Jade Is The New Black
This combination looks AMAZING! This style is swinging into mainstream and I am so happy that it is because it allows for many fun color combination choices!!! Zelana is so nice! She was with us at Warren Tricomi Salon getting all made up by Whitney-WTS(hair), and Amy-LUXE Beauty Team(makeup), and Kymberly...or ME!-LUXE beauty team (nails). Keep an eye out on her web site/blog and you may see pieces of the process from her P.O.V.!
Step 1: Paint close to the cuticle one thin layer of Suzi Skis.
Only cover just about 1/3 of the nail.
Do this on all four fingers-working quickly.
Step 2: Using a french manicure brush lightly soaked in acetone,
clean up the cresent shape. Be sure to not have too much
acetone in your brush. Try dipping into acetone and dab it onto a
paper towel quickly and then use it.
Step 3:Repeat step one and two. If you are painting thin
layers, the first coat will act as a guide.
Step 4: Using Jade repeat the same technique on the thumbs.-if this is confusing, look closely at the picture and see that I switched the colors on the thumbs.
Step 5: Polish 1 thin coat of base coat (I used CND Sticky) over the entire nail. Make sure to also cover the polish you just shaped. This helps it to remain longer and prevents chipping.
Step 6: Starting in the middle of the nail wtih Jade place your polish brush against the nail and slowly push it toward Suzi. Be careful to continue painting thinly and avoid overlapping the polish.
Step 7: Repeat technique on thumbs, switching the color to Suzi.
Step 8: Repeat on all 10 fingers so that you have 2 coats of the second color.
Step 9: Allow to dry a good 1 minute
Step 10: Polish 1 thin layer of top coat
I am so excited for everyone to try this! Practice on your friends nails! Practice on your nails!
Have fun! Its Polish!

Wednesday, May 19

Nicole Scherzinger & Purple Nails!

( The above photo was jacked from

Nicole Scherzinger & Purple Nails!

With a hectic schedule like Nicole keeps, its perfect for her to have me come to her beautiful house and set up shop right in the dining room! Knowing of her Prince performance, she chose Bio Sculpture, 10-which is a beautiful purple for her hands and feet.

The previous two shows, she chose OPI axxium, passion and on her feet and a customized mixture of OPI's Miami Beet and Pompeii Purple on her toes.

Nicole is such a sweet person and I love seeing her interact with her family. Hilarious ladies!

Honestly, I never watched Dancing With The Stars before I met Nicole. That's not saying much considering I don't watch television at all! Yet, it is certainly entertaining to check out her and Derek performing each week via YouTube!

Apparently, next week is the final show-so I will post up the latest once we choose it!

Friday, May 7

Launch of Luxe

Luxe Beauty Team had its launch last month and

business is growing!

Here are some of the shots from the launch party...

so you can feel like you were there!

In this photo~

From left to right: Kennedy(stylist), Kandee(makeup artist), Kym(nail artist), Sarah(makeup artist), Amy (makeup artist)

I was so happy Kandee came out to support us, even with her bum leg!

More to come....stay tuned!