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Tuesday, April 13

Henna, just because.

Today I stopped by this shop in the mall near my house and got a henna tattoo!

I have wanted to get one for quite some time and today was the day!

I think it looks so pretty! My apologies, the pictures aren't the greatest!

Well, traditionally henna is worn on the hands on brides and mothers to be. I am neither. I just love how it looks and I know that it will inspire me to be artistic! I am going to experiment with some india-ink and my airbrush! I think I will start small.

The henna starts out as a dark brown paste. As soon as it was dry to the slight touch, Brandy put a lemon juice and sugar paste mixture on top to help the color develop and stain. I left it on for about four hours before rinsing it off with cool water. No scubbing, just used my finger tips.

Monday, April 12

Kandee goes for PINK!

This is to share with you from Kandee's shoot we did a few weeks ago now... This is a super easy to do with any two colors and a good french manicure brush...I did the white first, two coats OPI Alpine Snow, brushed on thin and the shape perfected with acetone and my brush. Once I had the white finished, I did a coat of Bonder by Orly. This helps the polish to stay longer. Then, OPI I'm Indi-a Mood For Love in two thin coats-using the white as a guide. Followed by Top 2 Bottom by Orly.
Polish can be so much fun!

Malysian Mist & Bet It All On OPI

I just wanted to share the latest project I worked on yesterday with a multi-talented makeup artist/photographer, Elena Gharbigi! There will be more pictures to come!