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Monday, April 12

Kandee goes for PINK!

This is to share with you from Kandee's shoot we did a few weeks ago now... This is a super easy to do with any two colors and a good french manicure brush...I did the white first, two coats OPI Alpine Snow, brushed on thin and the shape perfected with acetone and my brush. Once I had the white finished, I did a coat of Bonder by Orly. This helps the polish to stay longer. Then, OPI I'm Indi-a Mood For Love in two thin coats-using the white as a guide. Followed by Top 2 Bottom by Orly.
Polish can be so much fun!


  1. hi i'm a new follower..found u thru kandee! lovin the nail look its soo cute~

  2. Hey i a new too, love this photo and Kandee, you did a great job! It mustve been so fun working with her