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Wednesday, February 24

Kimberly Cole, my newest big glitter fan!

Kimberly Cole got her sparkle on today!
Color of choice??? SILVER!!!
Kimberly Cole has performed with acts like KATY PERRY,
LMFAO & SHINY TOY GUNS. She is currently a featured
Her music has been featured on FOX, iTUNES, MTV, AOL, MYSPACE
& more. "Smack You" iTunes 4/1!
Follow the link below to get a little peek at Kimberly doing her thing!
She's amazing...and super sweet, and did I mention...
the girl loves glitter?

Intrikit Nails!


NO Fake Nails!
NO More Drill Tool!

Sparkling Glitter Toes

It goes without mention that we all would like our polish to last longer than that five minute trip to the valet! I have news for you! This little piece of heaven is called,

Bio Sculpture Soak Off Gel!


OPI Axxium Soak Off Gel Lacquer!


Manicure and Pedicure of your entire life!

Also, the best part is....

It will last on your hands for 2-3 weeks

and on your feet 4-6 weeks.

To learn more about how you can have this manicure and pedicure from me,

please contact me!

Kymberly Newble


Sunday, February 21

Salley Hansen Nail Color

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Many women I know love to have their nails freshly polished. This

is one beauty addition that can easily be done at home for some and others won't dare attempt an ambidextrous art project.

With many years of polishing my own nails, I have tried every polish there is and aside from color, and avant garde names-most top polish makers are essentially the same.

I have always liked Sally Hansen products and somewhat kept it to myself. These two lines of polish deserve to be in a spotlight. Not because of color or names-frankly I can care less about the name of a polish. Color range is important, wearability is essential and until I came upon the newly designed brush-I was smitten! From a professional perspective, I don't know how every polish line isn't doing some version of this brush. For personal use, we are all better off not being snobbish and getting our favorite color in any of these two Sally Hansen lines.

The design of this brush allows for even application and contours to the shape of the nail. The next time you are looking to add a little fashion to your fingers, run to your nearby CVS or Walgreens and check out this polish! You'll be happy you did.


Hello. My name is Kymberly. I live in Los Angeles and love the transformation a good manicure/pedicure can bring a person. I am going to spend time bringing you information (facts) and many other things (opinion) on nails, nail products, and other things beauty. I am excited to be here!
Stay Tuned...