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Wednesday, March 31


Every time I look at this picture, I think-DREAM & WISH BIG! BELIEVE WITH ALL THAT I AM! There are so many times in life that we can be distracted of our goals. I am determined to keep my eyes fixed, to push through my self doubt, and to DO what it takes to see the fruit of my labor. This year-shall be a year of progress. I have decided.
Its getting late and I need to get prepped for tomorrow...
To writing down goals-cheers!

Monday, March 29

What do you want to be when you grow up?

There is a goal behind these brown eyes...

I hope one day to inspire people and more specifically women.
As I push myself to grow and use all of my potential, I am eager
to turn right around and encourage the woman next to me to strive for the same.
So much of my industry can be clouded with vanity.
I seek to build a culture within a culture of motivation, and inspiration.
This is where I plan to write out the goal, and the steps I am taking to accomplish, becoming a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER.
And as I evolve, you will be my witness!
And I smile to think, you will also be encouraged!

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Wednesday, March 24

Super Rad Pattern

Today was so AMAZING to take in.

I couldn't take enough photos!!!

Today I did Kandee Johnson's nails.

She's so fun! Its always the best when

people just let me be creative.

The location of the shoot was so

inspiring-made me want to run home and paint!

So here is what I did on Kandee's nails:

Colors by OPI

You don't know jacques! -on the left side half on the left hand


Green-which Village -on the right side on the right hand

I did the opposite on the right hand so that they are a mirror of eachother.

From the cuticle, three small dots with Alpine Snow up the dividing line of color.

EXPERment! Have fun! It's just POLISH!

Monday, March 15

Pink comes in many shades!

March 7, 2010

Today was filled with rushing and waiting in traffic to get to the Beverly Hills Hotel.
It is a sight to be seen, one getting ready for an event such as the Academy Awards.
I am flattered to have accented Lydia Hearst's amazing & gold shoes with
Argenteeny Pinkini, by OPI.