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Wednesday, March 24

Super Rad Pattern

Today was so AMAZING to take in.

I couldn't take enough photos!!!

Today I did Kandee Johnson's nails.

She's so fun! Its always the best when

people just let me be creative.

The location of the shoot was so

inspiring-made me want to run home and paint!

So here is what I did on Kandee's nails:

Colors by OPI

You don't know jacques! -on the left side half on the left hand


Green-which Village -on the right side on the right hand

I did the opposite on the right hand so that they are a mirror of eachother.

From the cuticle, three small dots with Alpine Snow up the dividing line of color.

EXPERment! Have fun! It's just POLISH!


  1. great job, love it!!!! Thank you for sharing:) Have a beautiful day!!!

  2. :) very nice! have u ever tried water marbling?

  3. Sweet! I even have those two colors - I am keeping this in mind for future nail art inspiration. Thank you!!!

  4. Perfect manicure and love the colors.

  5. hehey, I love the dots, it's so fun ^^
    I remember a Jean-Paul Gaultier manucure when he started in perfumes. he made a line in the middle of the nails.
    I like creative nails so much !!!
    (but I can't keep them intact for 2 days.. fail..hahaha !)

  6. Thank you all so much! It's so great to get feedback about what I LOVE doing!
    Kiss Kiss

  7. Geez! I love this! Thank you so much for the inspiration! This made me wonder what You Don't Know Jacques with Absolutely Alice (and the Alpine Snow dots, of course) would look like. Kind of a Dr. Jekyll/Miss Hyde look. LOL! I am just worried I won't be able to get straight lines down the center like you did....

  8. HY! I found your blog through Kandee's! And I'm following you, I love it! Maybe you'd like to follow me too :P