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Friday, May 28

A New Spin on the Vintage Manicure!

Zelana Montminy
TV Host. Producer. Writer. Doctoral Candidate. Beauty, Lifestyle & Wellness expert
wearing in above photo:
Suzi Skis In Pyrenees
Jade Is The New Black
This combination looks AMAZING! This style is swinging into mainstream and I am so happy that it is because it allows for many fun color combination choices!!! Zelana is so nice! She was with us at Warren Tricomi Salon getting all made up by Whitney-WTS(hair), and Amy-LUXE Beauty Team(makeup), and Kymberly...or ME!-LUXE beauty team (nails). Keep an eye out on her web site/blog and you may see pieces of the process from her P.O.V.!
Step 1: Paint close to the cuticle one thin layer of Suzi Skis.
Only cover just about 1/3 of the nail.
Do this on all four fingers-working quickly.
Step 2: Using a french manicure brush lightly soaked in acetone,
clean up the cresent shape. Be sure to not have too much
acetone in your brush. Try dipping into acetone and dab it onto a
paper towel quickly and then use it.
Step 3:Repeat step one and two. If you are painting thin
layers, the first coat will act as a guide.
Step 4: Using Jade repeat the same technique on the thumbs.-if this is confusing, look closely at the picture and see that I switched the colors on the thumbs.
Step 5: Polish 1 thin coat of base coat (I used CND Sticky) over the entire nail. Make sure to also cover the polish you just shaped. This helps it to remain longer and prevents chipping.
Step 6: Starting in the middle of the nail wtih Jade place your polish brush against the nail and slowly push it toward Suzi. Be careful to continue painting thinly and avoid overlapping the polish.
Step 7: Repeat technique on thumbs, switching the color to Suzi.
Step 8: Repeat on all 10 fingers so that you have 2 coats of the second color.
Step 9: Allow to dry a good 1 minute
Step 10: Polish 1 thin layer of top coat
I am so excited for everyone to try this! Practice on your friends nails! Practice on your nails!
Have fun! Its Polish!

Wednesday, May 19

Nicole Scherzinger & Purple Nails!

( The above photo was jacked from

Nicole Scherzinger & Purple Nails!

With a hectic schedule like Nicole keeps, its perfect for her to have me come to her beautiful house and set up shop right in the dining room! Knowing of her Prince performance, she chose Bio Sculpture, 10-which is a beautiful purple for her hands and feet.

The previous two shows, she chose OPI axxium, passion and on her feet and a customized mixture of OPI's Miami Beet and Pompeii Purple on her toes.

Nicole is such a sweet person and I love seeing her interact with her family. Hilarious ladies!

Honestly, I never watched Dancing With The Stars before I met Nicole. That's not saying much considering I don't watch television at all! Yet, it is certainly entertaining to check out her and Derek performing each week via YouTube!

Apparently, next week is the final show-so I will post up the latest once we choose it!

Friday, May 7

Launch of Luxe

Luxe Beauty Team had its launch last month and

business is growing!

Here are some of the shots from the launch party...

so you can feel like you were there!

In this photo~

From left to right: Kennedy(stylist), Kandee(makeup artist), Kym(nail artist), Sarah(makeup artist), Amy (makeup artist)

I was so happy Kandee came out to support us, even with her bum leg!

More to come....stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 13

Henna, just because.

Today I stopped by this shop in the mall near my house and got a henna tattoo!

I have wanted to get one for quite some time and today was the day!

I think it looks so pretty! My apologies, the pictures aren't the greatest!

Well, traditionally henna is worn on the hands on brides and mothers to be. I am neither. I just love how it looks and I know that it will inspire me to be artistic! I am going to experiment with some india-ink and my airbrush! I think I will start small.

The henna starts out as a dark brown paste. As soon as it was dry to the slight touch, Brandy put a lemon juice and sugar paste mixture on top to help the color develop and stain. I left it on for about four hours before rinsing it off with cool water. No scubbing, just used my finger tips.

Monday, April 12

Kandee goes for PINK!

This is to share with you from Kandee's shoot we did a few weeks ago now... This is a super easy to do with any two colors and a good french manicure brush...I did the white first, two coats OPI Alpine Snow, brushed on thin and the shape perfected with acetone and my brush. Once I had the white finished, I did a coat of Bonder by Orly. This helps the polish to stay longer. Then, OPI I'm Indi-a Mood For Love in two thin coats-using the white as a guide. Followed by Top 2 Bottom by Orly.
Polish can be so much fun!

Malysian Mist & Bet It All On OPI

I just wanted to share the latest project I worked on yesterday with a multi-talented makeup artist/photographer, Elena Gharbigi! There will be more pictures to come!

Wednesday, March 31


Every time I look at this picture, I think-DREAM & WISH BIG! BELIEVE WITH ALL THAT I AM! There are so many times in life that we can be distracted of our goals. I am determined to keep my eyes fixed, to push through my self doubt, and to DO what it takes to see the fruit of my labor. This year-shall be a year of progress. I have decided.
Its getting late and I need to get prepped for tomorrow...
To writing down goals-cheers!

Monday, March 29

What do you want to be when you grow up?

There is a goal behind these brown eyes...

I hope one day to inspire people and more specifically women.
As I push myself to grow and use all of my potential, I am eager
to turn right around and encourage the woman next to me to strive for the same.
So much of my industry can be clouded with vanity.
I seek to build a culture within a culture of motivation, and inspiration.
This is where I plan to write out the goal, and the steps I am taking to accomplish, becoming a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER.
And as I evolve, you will be my witness!
And I smile to think, you will also be encouraged!

Stock Photos

Wednesday, March 24

Super Rad Pattern

Today was so AMAZING to take in.

I couldn't take enough photos!!!

Today I did Kandee Johnson's nails.

She's so fun! Its always the best when

people just let me be creative.

The location of the shoot was so

inspiring-made me want to run home and paint!

So here is what I did on Kandee's nails:

Colors by OPI

You don't know jacques! -on the left side half on the left hand


Green-which Village -on the right side on the right hand

I did the opposite on the right hand so that they are a mirror of eachother.

From the cuticle, three small dots with Alpine Snow up the dividing line of color.

EXPERment! Have fun! It's just POLISH!

Monday, March 15

Pink comes in many shades!

March 7, 2010

Today was filled with rushing and waiting in traffic to get to the Beverly Hills Hotel.
It is a sight to be seen, one getting ready for an event such as the Academy Awards.
I am flattered to have accented Lydia Hearst's amazing & gold shoes with
Argenteeny Pinkini, by OPI.

Wednesday, February 24

Kimberly Cole, my newest big glitter fan!

Kimberly Cole got her sparkle on today!
Color of choice??? SILVER!!!
Kimberly Cole has performed with acts like KATY PERRY,
LMFAO & SHINY TOY GUNS. She is currently a featured
Her music has been featured on FOX, iTUNES, MTV, AOL, MYSPACE
& more. "Smack You" iTunes 4/1!
Follow the link below to get a little peek at Kimberly doing her thing!
She's amazing...and super sweet, and did I mention...
the girl loves glitter?

Intrikit Nails!


NO Fake Nails!
NO More Drill Tool!

Sparkling Glitter Toes

It goes without mention that we all would like our polish to last longer than that five minute trip to the valet! I have news for you! This little piece of heaven is called,

Bio Sculpture Soak Off Gel!


OPI Axxium Soak Off Gel Lacquer!


Manicure and Pedicure of your entire life!

Also, the best part is....

It will last on your hands for 2-3 weeks

and on your feet 4-6 weeks.

To learn more about how you can have this manicure and pedicure from me,

please contact me!

Kymberly Newble


Sunday, February 21

Salley Hansen Nail Color

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Many women I know love to have their nails freshly polished. This

is one beauty addition that can easily be done at home for some and others won't dare attempt an ambidextrous art project.

With many years of polishing my own nails, I have tried every polish there is and aside from color, and avant garde names-most top polish makers are essentially the same.

I have always liked Sally Hansen products and somewhat kept it to myself. These two lines of polish deserve to be in a spotlight. Not because of color or names-frankly I can care less about the name of a polish. Color range is important, wearability is essential and until I came upon the newly designed brush-I was smitten! From a professional perspective, I don't know how every polish line isn't doing some version of this brush. For personal use, we are all better off not being snobbish and getting our favorite color in any of these two Sally Hansen lines.

The design of this brush allows for even application and contours to the shape of the nail. The next time you are looking to add a little fashion to your fingers, run to your nearby CVS or Walgreens and check out this polish! You'll be happy you did.


Hello. My name is Kymberly. I live in Los Angeles and love the transformation a good manicure/pedicure can bring a person. I am going to spend time bringing you information (facts) and many other things (opinion) on nails, nail products, and other things beauty. I am excited to be here!
Stay Tuned...