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Wednesday, May 19

Nicole Scherzinger & Purple Nails!

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Nicole Scherzinger & Purple Nails!

With a hectic schedule like Nicole keeps, its perfect for her to have me come to her beautiful house and set up shop right in the dining room! Knowing of her Prince performance, she chose Bio Sculpture, 10-which is a beautiful purple for her hands and feet.

The previous two shows, she chose OPI axxium, passion and on her feet and a customized mixture of OPI's Miami Beet and Pompeii Purple on her toes.

Nicole is such a sweet person and I love seeing her interact with her family. Hilarious ladies!

Honestly, I never watched Dancing With The Stars before I met Nicole. That's not saying much considering I don't watch television at all! Yet, it is certainly entertaining to check out her and Derek performing each week via YouTube!

Apparently, next week is the final show-so I will post up the latest once we choose it!

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