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Tuesday, April 13

Henna, just because.

Today I stopped by this shop in the mall near my house and got a henna tattoo!

I have wanted to get one for quite some time and today was the day!

I think it looks so pretty! My apologies, the pictures aren't the greatest!

Well, traditionally henna is worn on the hands on brides and mothers to be. I am neither. I just love how it looks and I know that it will inspire me to be artistic! I am going to experiment with some india-ink and my airbrush! I think I will start small.

The henna starts out as a dark brown paste. As soon as it was dry to the slight touch, Brandy put a lemon juice and sugar paste mixture on top to help the color develop and stain. I left it on for about four hours before rinsing it off with cool water. No scubbing, just used my finger tips.

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