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Thursday, September 15

A Burpee a day...or three, or eight, or eleven...

Hey all! I have been doing different variations of burpees in my daily workouts and have seen an increase in agility, strength and want to encourage you to include them in one way or another into your day!

In this video, Zuzana from is killing it with variations of burpees. She is amazing! I follow her and her husbands blog and intend to share similar workouts here very soon. Sometimes they will be her workouts exactly, and sometimes, I will do a mixture of p90x. My gang and I work out 6 days a week and we all LOVE it!
Also, my friend Amy has a fantastic web site where she shares yummy recipies and I will give a heads up to those new posts every once in a while!
I will be sharing my own healthy finds and inspirations for healthy snacking and grubbing down :)

If you are not in shape and want to change that...start today by doing push ups, sit ups and squats. That's how I started...and believe me when I tell you-change is around the corner!

I'm thinking of starting to record my fitness "gang" doing our workouts for anyone interested to follow along! I have so far transformed my body from flabby and uncomfortable to a stronger and firm little physic I am meant to have. So, videos-COMING SOON!

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