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Friday, September 23

high fructose corn syrup

At one point in time I would have considered myself a Pepsi-Cola snob.  I would not venture out so much so to ever drink a Coca-Cola.  Neither one of these beverages is better for you than the other, yet I had a distinct preference. 

This has all become a part of my past.
I have been lectured by many people about the affects of soda consumption.  I had tried, and many times failed the whole-hearted attempts to kick the addiction to the bubbly caffine.  Yet, time and time again I would return to my one-true vice, Pepsi.

In attempt to muster up the most discipline I have, I set my aim to restrict sugar.  So naturally, soda had to be the first to go. 

I have to frequently remind myself to not think, "I work hard, I deserve to have just one-this, or just one that".   I do not want to sabotage the hard work I am doing by adding toxins (sugar) to my body when I can certainly go without it.

Now, that four months have past, I can truely say, I am not a soda drinker! WAHOO! I took a sip of Cody's the other day and it was, DIS-GUS-TING! He said, "Nope, it tastes fine to me", so I have rid my tounge of the sugar addiction and am so happy I did.  There are miles of articles and books written about the long term damage high fructose corn syrup does to a persons bones, and such.  And recently I read about carmel color being bad for you...I know, I know, what isn't bad.  Nevertheless, it is a personal victory. 

Cheers- (with a glass of h20)- to you and your VICTORY-what ever it is!

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