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Wednesday, September 21

I can't. I won't. I MUST have my startbucks! (aka:froo-froo non-coffee coffee)

It's a wonder I don't hold stock in Starbucks. 
I bet you're wondering the same thing right now. 

I rationally should be shoveling that five-spot into an investment portfoilio that includes Starbucks, to one day have a financial gain! Yet, no. I do not own a red cent of stock.   I do, however spend pleanty of my cents at my local Starbucks weekly. 

This habit is supported by miles of justification that are similar to the following:
I don't always have the time to make it at home, It's just not as good when I make it, I need my carmel macchiato, I'm just not myself without it.  And the excuses go on and on.  My wallet, however does not.

Let me take this opportunity to also point out what cost is not affordable for most in these, tall-dark and sometimes venti treats...CALORIES & SUGAR!  Drinking a home-made brew is not just a financial cut back, it could potentially cut your calorie intake down by 500 or more!  The next time you are standing in the mirror and you wish you didn't have that cellulite in your butt and thighs-take a snapshot of your it, I dare you! And when you go to order your venti-mocha-frap-with-whip-and-drizzle, in less than one breath- I want you to pull out your smart phone, look at that photo and choose!

Part of the downfall of Starbuck fiends-(I am also guilty)- is, we get into habits of ordering what we know we like, not thinking of healthier alternatives and make poor choices.  So, if you can't come back from the dark-side and brew your caffine at home, start a change in asking the Barista, what is the healthiest way I can have (your favorite drink)?  Like, if you order a mocha...did you know they are putting 4(FOUR) pumps of chocolate into your drink.  Try at first to ask for just half.  You won't notice the two pumps are missing!

Coffee itself is not the villian.  Sugar on the other hand is. You order an Americano, its under $2.  Order a mocha, it's $5.  So, your wallet is suffering at the same time your bones, skin, and insides suffer the sugar intake.

Small Steps here people, just make small steps.

Health Tip: If you splurge on a semi-high or regualr all out high calorie drink/have it only within two hours of exercise.  That way, your metabolism is working much quicker.  If you have it before, you'll reap the benefits in your workout from the caffine kick!

This butt, orders Americano, with Truvia and a bit of half & half.

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