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Sunday, September 18

.make one decision.

In my experience, there are thousands of choices to make daily.  Most of these are driven by habit and have long ago lost the need to put much discipline behind participating in them.  Yet, every waking second of every day we make choices.  

Recently, I made one decision that has changed my mental perspective, and my physical body.
I decided to live my entire life, with intension.  Now, that might sound that I typed it...but-stay with me.  I can tell you that I started to exercise on a regular basis.  So, I move daily, with intension.  I also started to eat healthy.  Not to diet, but to feed my body as if it is something sacred and a cherished vessel-. So, I eat every three hours-with intension. 

I feel as though it is much more difficult to be confronted with choices to make daily.

As each day passes since I made the ONE DECISION, I am not guilting myself, or depriving myself of anything.  I have built a new habit to live with intension-so I have been set free of trying to want things in this life and feel like they are not in my reach.
I have known, and continue to learn, when you stand for something, there is opposition.  There are distrations.  However, I am committed to make my health, my well-being a priority in this life, so I am able to be fully alive and truely be fearless.   

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