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Friday, September 16

We love our bodies, we love eachother!

This run was September 15th, 2011. My niece Mari is on a cross country team at her school and I ran her mile race with her for support. She is a lot like I was when I was her age, and actually until about four months ago...a quitter! When it came to physical activity I never learned to push myself. I have recently learned how much being athletic has to do with brain power. There is something to be said about knowing what your body actually is capable of, and living a full-er life by pushing beyond the default of what is comfortable. Realizing this has changed me completely. So I go run with Mari, so she can see and experience what it is to not give up. She smiles through the pain each time we run so her mom can snap a photo, it's cute. My heart is happy to be able to demonstrate love. Be Inspired. Be Inspirational. Be You.

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